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This season the Arizona Coyotes promotional giveaways have something for everyone.  With 11 total giveaway nights, the 19-20 Arizona Coyotes Giveaway promotions give many fans a good opportunity for free team swag.  There aren’t photos of the items released yet, but we will be updating when the item’s photos are released. 

There aren’t any bobbleheads or silly and crazy items they are doing this year, but the items they are doing are core NHL team giveaways that add value and could be useful for Yotes fans.  Which is nice to see, as neat as somethings are like bobble leg statues sometimes those items just aren’t practical and get regulated to a storage room or closet. Whereas these items you can get some use out of and showcase your favorite team at the same time. Below let’s take a look at and review each of the 19-20 Arizona Coyotes Giveaway items.

Oct. 4

19-20 Arizona Coyotes Giveaway kachina jersey rally towel


First up is an opening night rally towel.  This Arizona Coyotes Kachina rally towel will be designed with the kachina logo and there is a pre-game party as well.  There’s nothing better than a new season of hockey and everyone in the arena waving their towels all at once. If you are a rally towel collector this is a good one to pick up since it will be showcasing the kachina logo. You can get one for yourself here.

photo from @ArizonaCoyotes

Oct. 10

19-20 arizona coyotes jersey koozie giveaway promotion


What better way to celebrate college night than with a koozie giveaway.  Rep your team at your next frat or sorority party with the jersey koozie.  Or just keep your drinks cold at home while watching the game. This koozie will be designed to match the team jersey and we will update with photos once they are released.  

photo from @ArizonaCoyotes

19-20 arizona coyotes college night t shirts

ARIZONA COYOTES College Night T-Shirt

With a special ticket purchase from yotestix you can get your own college-themed Coyotes shirt at this game along with the koozie. All 4 major area colleges are represented so if you are a current student or alumni grab your special ticket and then get the shirt that matches your school. It’s a great way to personalize a Yotes shirt with your college.

photo from @ArizonaCoyotes

Oct. 17

19-20 arizona coyotes giveaway noche de los yotes hat promotion

Noche de los Yotes Hat Giveaway

To celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with the Coyotes on Oct. 17. If you purchase a special ticket package here you’ll get a special edition hat with custom Los Yotes on the back and artwork under the bill. It is a unique and one of a kind hat that is a great promotion.

photo from @ArizonaCoyotes

Nov. 2


One Saturday games the Yotes will be wearing the heritage alternate Kachina jerseys and if you make it to this game you’ll get to see them in action as well as get your own t-shirts.  The shirts are from State Forty-Eight which is a unique Arizona themed clothing manufacturer. This should be a pretty unique shirt for a giveaway. We will update when photos are available.

Nov. 9


This year’s military appreciation night you’ll be able to catch the game and honor local military members.  They will also be giving away a camouflage hat to those attending the game. However, they say while supplies last so make sure you get there early to secure your hat.

Dec. 14


This is the first of two howliday giveaways from the Coyotes this year.  This is going to be one of the more sought after promo items for this season.  Ugly sweaters have been a growing holiday tradition for a few years now. But no one ever wears or gets any use out of the ugly holiday items except for a party or two each year.  An ugly holiday blanket is an awesome idea to incorporate the ugly theme with something you can use for the entire howliday season. We can’t wait to see what these will look like.

Dec. 29


Howliday giveaway #2 is a scarf.  Depending on the design of this one it will either be really neat or pretty meh.  Over the years various teams have created some pretty neat scarves but some others have really missed the mark.  We have faith in the Coyotes design team that this will be a good one and show you team pride while keeping you warm on those desert nights.

Feb. 6


Now here’s a perfect example of how the Coyotes 19-20 promotional giveaways are aimed at things you can use.  Anyone in the area knows how crazy hot it can get in your car when it sits outside all day at work, or even when you just run in to get some groceries.  The Coyotes got your back and will help your car stay cool as well. This one should be neat to see when the photos are released.

Feb. 17


No matter your team allegiance Howler is one of the league’s best mascots.  He’s cute, wholesome, and all-around great. The overall theme for this game is kid’s day but every fan young or old will want a Howler mug.  Get there early to make sure you can snag one for yourself.

Feb. 22


Another kachina giveaway.  This time a water bottle. Like the scarves, water bottles can be hit or miss for how good and useful they are.  We’ll have to wait until the photos are released and keep our fingers crossed this will be a good one that can replace your current go-to water bottle.

Feb. 29


Not much info to go on yet for this one.  It could just be a regular run of the mill hat with a country theme or design.  Or maybe they are going all out and it’s a Coyotes cowboy hat? It’s a Saturday game so there’s even a chance it’ll be a kachina design.  In fact, now that I’m thinking about it a kachina cowboy hat would be pretty fantastic. We’ll update once more details have been released.

Feb. 29


It’s really great that teams are embracing 90’s nights across the league.  For many, the 90’s were peak cup crazy and these theme nights help relive some of that retro NHL magic.  With that said there’s also nothing more 90’s than a fanny pack so this should be a fun night and a fun giveaway.  They are playing the Red Wings which is a good choice in the team since they would be played each other more often back then when Detroit was in the Western Conference.

Overall, the 19-20 Arizona Coyotes Giveaway promotions are solid giveaways and props to the Coyotes promotions team for putting them together.  Now we just need some photos of the giveaway items to get excited about. To see more details about the giveaway nights check out