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The Carolina Hurricanes are coming off a great year last season and many are excited to see what they can do this upcoming season. However, fans of giveaways are probably going to be a bit disappointed with what is available for this 19-20 Carolina Hurricanes giveaway season. Just two giveaways and to be honest they aren’t all that exciting.

Oct. 3

19-20 Carolina Hurricanes LED wristband


First up is an LED wristband for opening night. This is fantastic to see when the entire arena is packed and these things are all going off together. It gets you hyped and makes for a great experience. However at home after the game, it’s just not the same without the rest of the crowd. Still, this is going to make for an epic home opener.

Photo from @Canes

Oct. 6

hockey stick and puck


The only other giveaway that is listed right now is the schedule magnet. These are long-time staples of giveaways and nice to have but also not very exciting at the same time.

Oct. 12

19-20 Carolina Hurrincanes White Out T shirt giveaway

Hurricanes White Out Night T-shirt Giveaway

Everyone in attendance this night will get a white Canes t-shirt. If the majority of those in attendance wear the shirts during the game it will create a great game-day environment.

At a distance, this shirt seems like a basic Canes white T, but the inclusion of the flag design on the C is a great little detail that makes this shirt stand out. Some shirt giveaways can be pretty lame, to be honest, this one, however, keeps it simple and strong so any fan would love to wear this any day of the week.

Photo from @Canes

While the 19-20 Carolina Hurricanes giveaway items this season make not exactly stack up to what some other teams are doing this year. The product on the ice definitely will stack up to the best in the league. It’ll be a great year for the Canes and giveaways or not every fan should be excited.

There will be a wide variety of various theme nights that Carolina will be doing this season. If more information is released and they giveaways or promos to any of these theme nights we’ll update with all the info you’ll need to get them. For more details on the upcoming theme night please click here.