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The Blackhawks are back on the ice and with them are quite a few giveaways for the 19-20 Chicago Blackhawks giveaway promotional season. There are plenty of chances to root for the Hawks while scoring some sweet gear or celebrate a theme night. Without a doubt, the Blackhawks have some of the most unique and resourceful giveaways of any sports team. In any given month, you can a game where there will be a giveaway. Collectors will also have that of items that match or build upon each other, especially the 2010 Anniversary Series Bobbleheads and Replica Ring. While there are not many pictures release, be sure to check back for updates and reviews as they become available.


Blackhawks Stein

Sep 18 | Sep 21 | Sep 25

The Chicago Blackhawks want to get things going right away. They are hosting an Oktoberfest celebration for all three preseason games. The first 2,000 fans will receive an Oktoberfest-themed item. Getting there early won’t be too bad though because there will be lots of festivities around the United Center to get pumped before watching the Hawks.

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Oct 14

Hockey stick and puck on the ice


Honor your 2019-2020 Blackhawks with the Team Calendar. The first 20,000 fans will look forward to changing their calendar each month. First 20,000 fans.

Oct 14

Blackhawks Día de los Muertos

On the same night as the Team Calendar, fans have the option of the Día de los Muertos theme ticket. Each special ticket entitles the fan to a Blackhawks Día de los Muertos Sugar Skull bobblehead. In addition, United Center will go all out with music, food, and beverages to celebrate.

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Nov 18


This season the Chicago Blackhawks will have a few 2010 Anniversary Night giveaways that pay homage to the 2010 Stanley Cup Champions. In October, the first 10,000 fans can snag a Marian Hossa Bobblehead. On these nights, you can expect photo opportunities and historical artifacts on display to prepare for the tenth anniversary of the Hawks’ 2010 victory.

Nov 18

19-20 Blackhawks giveaway educators night chalkboard coffee mug

Educator Night

Chicago Blackhawks are recognizing the contributions of educators with their 2019 Educator Night. With the purchase a theme ticket, you will get a Blackhawks Chalkboard Mug. One side will feature the iconic Blackhawks logo. The other you can chalk up your own design. These are great mugs with a new twist to a standard mug.

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Oct 20

hockey stick and puck on ice rink


For many, John Wiedeman and Troy Murray are the voices of the Chicago Blackhawks. The first 10,000 fans will receive a Bobblehead honoring the broadcasters.

Oct 20

19-20 Chicago Blackhawks Greek heritage night beanie giveaway

Greek Heritage Night

Special theme tickets are available on October 20th for Greek Heritage Night. With these tickets, fans will get a winter hat. One side features the Blackhawks logo while the other displays the Greek flag. Opa! The color swap on the logo looks really good here. Sometimes certain colors do not work as well for this logo. This is not one of those.

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Oct 22

19-20 Chicago Blackhawks giveaway for law enforcement night.

Law Enforcement Appreciation Night

The Blackhawks keep the winter hats going with Law Enforcement Appreciation Night. For this winter hat, there is the blue color swapped logo on one side and a blue stripe American flag on the other to pay tribute to law enforcement. In addition to the giveaway, portions of each special event tickets will go toward the 100 Club of Chicago. The organization helps out families of first responders who gave their all in the line of duty.

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Oct 24

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Retro Hat Series: 70’s

With throwback nights becoming more prominent, it is nice to the Chicago Blackhawks doing it a little different. While the 80s and 90s Nights are more common, fans will receive a throwback 70s Retro Hat for this game. It is presented by Bud Light, so only fans over the age of 21 can snag this giveaway.

Oct 24

19-20 Chicago Blackhawks firefighter appreciation night giveaway winter hat

Firefighter Appreciation Night

When it comes to recognizing heroes within a community, the Chicago Blackhawks are not leaving anyone out. This special event ticket night brings back the winter hat to recognize the contributions of firefighters. Along with the Blackhawks logo, the opposite side of the hat features an American flag with a single red stripe. In addition, portions of these tickets will also go toward the 100 Club of Chicago.

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Oct 27

Ducks fans on fan appreciation night at the honda center


Blackhawks favorite Eddie Olczyk is honored with a bobblehead giveaway. He started and ended his NHL career with the team and now works as an NBC commentator. First 10,000 fans.

Oct 27

19-20 Chicago Blackhawks italian heritage giveaway winter hat beanie

Italian Heritage Night

The Winter Hat is back for Italian Heritage night. Rather than sporting the Blackhawks logo on one side, this hat has the shoulder patch C with two tomahawks crossed over it on one side. The other side has the Italian flag. It looks really good with 3 colors on the front and the back.

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Nov 7


Baseball season might be over before November, but there is always a good time for a Blackhawks Baseball Hat. Be one of the first 10,000 fans to sport this awesome hat. First 10,00 fans.

Nov 17


You can never have enough wireless chargers. They are portable and easy to deal with, assuming you have a compatible phone of course. Fans will be able to get their hands on a Blackhawks themed wireless charger for this November 17th game. First 10,000 fans.

Nov 19


Blackhawks fans know Debrincat and Strome as a bromance for the ages. The two players are known to have a great relationship on and off the ice. It only makes sense that the two be recognized in the form of salt and pepper shakers. You can’t have one without the other. First 10,000 fans. This is in the running for one of the top 19-20 Chicago Blackhawks giveaway promotional items.

Nov 19

19-20 Chicago Blackhawks giveaway winter hat beanie for polish heritage night

Polish Heritage Night

Special event tickets will get you the Polish Heritage Night winter hat. This winter hat beanie does include the Blackhawks main logo in red and the Polish flag on the back.

Photo from Blackhawks Promo Page

Nov 21


This is the second 2010 Anniversary Series giveaway. Brent Seabrook is immortalized in the form of a bobblehead to be given to the first 10,000 fans. 

Nov 21

19-20 Chicago Blackhawks scrubs giveaway for healthcare professionals night

Healthcare Professionals Night

In what is the most fitting giveaway for a theme night, fans with the special event ticket will receive a Blackhawks scrub top on Healthcare Professionals Night. The shoulder patch logo is a great touch for something different here as most would assume it would be the main logo. It’s a great patch and it’s nice to see it on more items.

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Nov 29


Pick up the yearbook for the 2019-2020 season on November 29th. The first 15,000 fans will be hooked up with a copy.

Dec 2


Do you love the Blackhawks Alternate Jerseys? The first 10,000 fans will go home with a shirt featuring the alternate jersey design.

Dec 2

19-20 Chicago Blackhawks dog collar giveaway for pet lovers night

Pet Lovers Night

If you love your pet as much as you love your Blackhawks, pick up a special theme night ticket for Pet Lovers Night. You will receive a Blackhawks pet collar, and portions of every ticket will be donated to PAWS Chicago, which is a national animal rescue organization. Their goal is to stop killing cats and dogs that have not been adopted out of animal shelters. The collar itself features multiple full-color main logo with a black background. It is simple, but it really looks good and a must for any hawks fan’s dog.

Photo from Blackhawks Promo Page

Dec 15


Duncan Keith is the next 2010 Blackhawk to be honored in the form of a bobblehead for the 2010 Anniversary Series.

Dec 15

19-20 Chicago Blackhawks jewish community night giveaway hat

Jewish Community Night

Jewish Community Night celebrates the Jewish community by donating a portion from every ticket to the Jewish United Fund. Plus, ticket holders will receive an exclusive Blackhawks baseball hat in Hebrew with the Blackhawks logo on the side. It’s a simple design but very sharp.

Photo from Blackhawks Promo Page

Dec 18


With United Center celebrating 25 years, you can pick up a snow globe to commemorate the occasion on this December 18th game. A stand out 19-20 Chicago Blackhawks Giveaway item. First 10,000 fans.

Dec 18

19-20 Chicago Blackhawks love your melon beanie giveaway

Love Your Melon Night

Many of the special theme night tickets have included beanies and hat, but this particular giveaway is a little more special. Love Your Melon is a brand that is dedicated to giving hats to children fighting cancer. The purchase of these tickets gets you an exclusive Blackhawks beanie made by Love Your Melon. These are some well made high-end beanies and it’s great to see them partner with some NHL teams.

Photo from Blackhawks Promo Page

Jan 7


It is the first game of 2020, and it is an important player being honored. The Jonathan Toews bobblehead is likely going to go fast so make sure you get there early. First 10,000 fans.

Jan 9

Retro Hat Series: 80’s

The 80s are back in the second retro hat giveaway of the season. The picture has not been released, but this will surely be a fun design to celebrate the 80’s. First 10,000 fans.

19-20 Chicago Blackhawks Northwestern winter hat beanie giveaway

College Night – Northwestern

There are two hats you could get at tonight’s game. The second one requires a theme ticket and is a winter beanie. It features a color swapped purple Hawks logo with the Northwestern logo on the other side. A must for any current, past, or future students of Northwestern.

Photo from Blackhawks Promo Page

Jan 21


If you were able to grab the alternate jersey shirt a few before, you don’t want to miss this game on January 21st. The giveaway is a winter scarf with the alternate jersey design. First 10,000 fans.

19-20 Chicago Blackhawks loyola winter beanie hat

College Night – Loyola

This is the second of two college nights this season that offer a themed winter hat beanie. In this case, it features the Loyola logo with a yellow color swapped Hawks logo to match. Perfect for any Loyola alumni and students that are Hawks fans.

Photo from Blackhawks Promo Page

Feb 5

Short Tumbler

The Blackhawks keep making their giveaways useful with a short tumbler on February 5th. Without any pictures, it’s hard to say if it will be more for cold or hot drinks. Either way, should be a great giveaway. First 10,000 fans.

Mar 3


Blackhawks are back at it again with their alternate jersey design. In this game the first 10,000 fans will receive a knit hat to go along with their shirt and scarf. Basically, you can get an entire outfit in just Blackhawks promotional giveaways.

Mar 5


There has never been a giveaway that is so uniquely hockey. Sure, pucks are necessary for any hockey game. But hockey is synonymous for missing teeth. There is no better player to be featured than Duncan Keith. Missing teeth in hockey is a badge of honor, but this floss holder will help you take care of your teeth. First 10,000 fans.

Mar 8


Often underrated, the metal lunchbox are usually fun designs and pretty convenient to have. Even if it ends up storing things from your junk drawer or actually holds your lunch, a metal lunchbox is a great 19-20 Chicago Blackhawks giveaway for everyone. First 20,000 fans.

Mar 11


The Blackhawks will help you stay hydrated with a water bottle giveaway for the first 10,000 fans.

Mar 13


With St. Patrick’s Day a few days away, the Blackhawks will help fans get into the spirit with a green hat giveaway. Avoid getting pinched and still support the Hawks. First 10,000 fans.

Mar 19


To close out the 2010 Anniversary Series, this 19-20 Chicago Blackhawks giveaway will be a replica ring from the 2010 Stanley Cup Championship. If bobbleheads are your thing, this is a nice way to bring the 2010 Anniversary Series collection together. It is also nice for those that do not like bobbleheads but want to remember that amazing win too. First 10,000 fans.

Mar 25


The last retro hat giveaway is for the 90s. Just like with the 70’s and 80’s hats, you must be 21 years of age or older to receive the giveaway. First 10,000 fans.

From first-timers, casual fans, and die-hards, the 19-20 Chicago Blackhawks giveaway options have something for everyone this season. What sets them apart from other teams is the variety and availability of giveaways. Most of the items are capped at 10,000 fans, but there are chances for some really great items all season long. View the Blackhawks Website Here >>