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The Detroit Red Wings have one of the most iconic logos of any sports team. For some, their logo is one of a handful of hockey logos anyone will recognize, even if they don’t like hockey. Detroit fans are loyal and relentless. For the 19-20 Detroit Red Wings Giveaway, the team has put together some great promotional giveaways. 

Oct 3


The Red Wings are ready to shock and awe the Dallas Star on October 6th. Fans will be equipped with thundersticks for this game. Little Caesars Arena will be booming for this game. You can get a pair for yourself here.

Oct 8

19-20 Detroit Red Wings Magnet Schedule giveaway item

Magnet Schedule

The hockey standard magnet schedule will be released to fans on October 8th.  Depending on the design, this could be hit or miss. At the very least, they are convenient for checking game schedules at a quick glance from your kitchen. You can get one of your own here.

Photo from @DetroitRedWings

Oct 25

Red Wings Backpack

Whether you need it for school, work, or just basic traveling, a Red Wings backpack perfect for any fan. We don’t know any details yet in terms of colors or size, but we will update as soon as possible.

Oct 29

Halloween Night and Orange Hat

An orange hat for a Halloween Night promotion might seem like a boring giveaway. But if you are a loyal Red Wings fan, you will know that there is so much more to orange hats. Orange is not really a Red Wings color, but it was the color beanie that season ticket holder Kenneth Rucker wore at every single game. He became a legend at the old Joe Louis arena and was affectionately referred to as “Orange Hat Guy.” He passed away in 2010, but his memory still lives on with the Red Wings. 

Nov 8 – Apr 4

Hockeytown College Nights

On multiple nights the Red Wings will give out specialized theme hats for 20 different colleges with a special theme ticket. These are really neat and good for the Wings promo team for putting a good effort into these. Each hat will follow the color scheme of the school they are promoting and include a color swapped Red Wings logo on the front and the school’s logo on the side of the bill. These are great for anyone with connections to the school. These will take place over a few months. See the full college night schedule here.

Photo from Red Wings Promo page

Nov 19


It is always helpful to have a tumbler on hand for traveling beverages. Add a Red Wings tumbler to your cupboard with this November 19th giveaway.

Nov 24

Cutting Board

Useful items for promotional giveaways are always the best. Prepare for dinner with the Red Wings cutting board. We are not sure on the style or quality but will update as soon as more information is released.

Nov 30

Ugly Sweater T-Shirt

Thanksgiving is over, but the holiday season will just be getting underway. On November 30th, fans will have the honor of going home with an Ugly Sweater T-Shirt. Red Wings fans can be the talk of all the upcoming ugly sweater parties.

Dec 2

Leg Lamp Giveaway

Out of context, a leg lamp giveaway sounds confusing. Upon further inspection, this is a December game. So, a Leg Lamp is December must be a reference to the Christmas classic “A Christmas Story”

Dec 7

Grateful Dead Night and Nesting Dolls Giveaway

In honor of Grateful Dead Night, the Red Wings will be giving out nesting dolls. This has the potential of being totally odd and weird, and yet completely amazing. Once more details are released, we will update. But hey, “sometimes we live in no particular way but our own.”

Dec 12

Hero Night and Cape Giveaway

On December 12th, heroes are honored and fans watching the Red Wings will receive a cape. There is not much more information than that currently, but we will update as things change.

Detroit Red Wings are ready for this season, and fans have some great opportunities to grab some cool 19-20 Detroit Red Wings giveaway promotional items. Stay tuned for updates and photos are more information becomes available. View Red Wings Promotions Site >>