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The 19-20 Los Angeles Kings giveaway promotional schedule has some pretty interesting one in store for LA sports fans.  There are a lot of dual sports team nights where the Kings team up with other local teams for giveaways. It’s always neat seeing a local team investing in the local sports community like this.  Let’s take a look at what the Kings promos have in store for this year.


Oct 13, Feb 23, Mar 22

Sunday Funday Cooler Giveaway Games

Get a special ticket to these three Sunday games in October, February, and March and get food, drinks, and a Kings cooler to take on your picnics and trips to the beach. Package deals like these are a great way to save some money while seeing a live game.

Photo from @LAKings

Oct 15

Chargers Night – Kings/Chargers Tailgate Apron

First up is a Kings and Chargers Tailgate Apron.  This is interesting because normally NHL teams seem to team up way more often with local MLB teams.  It’s good to see this type of event expand to other sports and it’s a good way to get more people experienced with other LA teams that might not of otherwise.

The giveaway is a cooking apron with the idea that you can use it while tailgating.  If you enjoy a backyard BBQ cookout or tailgating and love both of these teams then this is the perfect game to attend for this Kings game giveaway. It is also reversible so you can rep whichever team you want at any time. Or use the Chargers side at those games and the Kings for Kings games.

Photo from @LAKings

Nov 14

Ontario Reign Night – Kings & Reign Umbrella

The Ontario Reign is the AHL affiliate for the Kings and the next giveaway night is their turn for mashup night.  AHL games are a great way to keep an eye on up and coming talent for your favorite NHL team and it’s good they are bringing them into the main game spotlight.  Most of the time AHL affiliates are not located in the city they are an affiliate for, so LA fans are lucky they can easily go to the AHL games as well.  

The Kings/Reign promotional giveaway is a dual-branded umbrella.  It doesn’t rain often in LA, but when it does it pours and it will normally coincide with the hockey season when it is raining so this a useful tool for Kings and Reign fans.

Nov 16

Country Music Night – Bandana Giveaway

Many teams across the league are doing country nights now, but they don’t always also get a giveaway.  For the 19-20 Kings country night promotional giveaway you’ll receive a Kings bandana. Even non-country music fans should be able to enjoy this premium as hats and beanies are common but bandannas are a little more unique.

Dec 31

Y2K Night (new this season) – Giveaway: TBD

New year’s eve has a new theme night for the Kings. There isn’t any released information on what they giveaway will be, but there will be one.  So check back often and we’ll update you when the news is announced. There is also be a pyrotechnic show at this game to celebrate the new year.

Jan 4

Star Wars Night – Kings & Star Wars Beanie

Star Wars night this year includes a co-branded beanie.  We’ll have to wait and see what the design is on this, but it’s a good change-up from the T-shirts that are pretty common around the league for these nights.

Feb 12

19-20 LA Kings dodgers kopitar bobblehead

Dodgers Night – Kings & Dodgers Bobblehead

The Dodgers are the next local LA team to get a theme night, and they get what will likely be one of the bigger giveaway nights of the year.  This Kings and Dodgers Bobblehead will be a must-have bit of memorabilia for any baseball and hockey fan in LA. We’ll update with more info on this as it is available.

UPDATE: Looks like the bobblehead will be a Kopitar figure in a Dodger blue uniform with ball and glove. It’s a really neat mashup of both teams and a must-have collectible.

Photo from @LAKings

19-20 LA Kings dodgers baseball hat giveaway

Dodgers Night – LA Kings & Dodgers Baseball hat

There is a second giveaway for Dodgers night for those with a special theme ticket. For this one, you’ll get a Dodgers/Kings baseball hat. These are always in high demand when teams do hats like this so make sure you get your special ticket so you can get yours at the game.

Photo from @LAKings

Feb 20

Galaxy Night – Kings & Galaxy Scarf

The final local sports team-up of the season features the Galaxy.  With it fans will be able to get a co-branded scarf. We love this giveaway for this theme night as it’s a good fit for a soccer game.  Once images are released we’ll do an update on this one.

Feb 22

’90s Night – ’90s Fanny Pack Giveaway to all fans

For a true 90’s night celebration there is only one true giveaway that will take the cake.  A 90’s fanny pack will do just that. Enjoy the festivities during the game and then rock your fanny pack all up and down Venice beach afterward. 

Mar 14

Beach Night – Beach Towel

To go with your fanny pack on the beach, you’re going to need a beach towel as well.  This night’s giveaway will be just what you need for the perfect Kings beach combo.

Mar 21

’80s Night – ’80s Sunglasses

For the 80’s night celebration you’ll get a pair of sunglasses.  Hopefully, there is retro design to them to make them noticeably 80’s.  We’ll update once images of the Kings 80’s night sunglasses are released.

The 19-20 Los Angeles Kings giveaway promotional schedule is not overloaded with lots of giveaways, but what is there is great, especially if you are a fan of multiple LA teams.  It’s great to see the Kings partner up with other things and hopefully, that tradition will continue. See more on the Kings promo page.