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The Nashville Predators have spent the offseason gearing up for what should be another great year on the ice.  They are going to make it even better with a wide variety of fun, useful, neat, and collectible 19-20 Predators giveaway promotions for the season.

Oct 3


Opening night has two items up for grabs a mini-banner commemorating the Preds for being the Central Divisjon champs last season.  They are always great promotional giveaways because you can collect them and replicate the banners that are hung in the arena at home.  These are typically small replicas of what is actually hung up and on display in the rafters.  

The Preds aren’t done yet though, everyone will also get an LED bracelet as well, which will make for a great show during the game as the fans light up the arena.

Oct 8

Oktoberfest – LED RALLY TOWEL

This game is the Oktoberfest game and will have two options for promotional giveaways.  First up for all fans is a LED rally towel. These are pretty much what they sound like.  A rally towel with LED lights built into them. You can see a similar example from a Houston Rockets game in this video.

Oct 8

Oktoberfest Package: Preds Beer Mug

If you purchase a package upgrade with your ticket then you’ll be able to receive a Preds Beer Mug as well as the LED rally towel.  We’ll of course update with photos as they are available, but a Preds beer mug is pretty much a gotta have it item for any beer-loving Preds fans out there.

Oct 19

Smash’s Birthday Party – Preds Book Light and $10 Hockey Bucks

This special theme night is for Smash’s birthday party.  You get to celebrate with the Predators office dog and get a present for yourself with this package. In this case, the present is a Predators book light and $10 in Hockey Bucks.  If you are or have anyone that is an avid reader and Preds fan then this a good deal for you.

Oct 22

19-20 Nashville Predators giveaway FIRST RESPONDERS NIGHT – PREDS TRAVEL MUG

The promotional item is another that needs a special ticket to get.  If you have that package you’ll get a first responders themed Preds travel mug.  Depending on the style of the mug this will either be a really good premium that you’ll want to use all the time or just another one to display on the shelf.

Oct 24


A tote bag is a pretty common premium for educators nights but there is a reason for that.  It’s a great tool for any and all teachers to bring work home or from class to class. It’s a great item or gift for any teacher that is a Preds fan.

Oct 31

Halloween Party – Filip Forsberg Bobblehead

Halloween is the first major item giveaway of the season for the 19-20 Predators giveaways.  This one features a Filip Forsberg bobblehead with a really neat base and background. It has the ice but also part of the boards included in it.  There a few other bobbleheads that will be given out this year that may follow the same stand and background design. If that is the case then you can build your own small Predators bobblehead diorama with these, which let’s face it, would be a pretty neat thing to do.  

Nov 2

Hockey Fights Cancer – LED Rally Towel

For hockey fights cancer night it’s another potential double up on Predators promotional giveaways.  Everyone will get a LED rally towel just like earlier in the season. 

Hockey Fights Cancer Package:
Preds Lavender Beanie

If you have a special ticket package then you’ll be able to snag yourself a special beanie that is both Predators themed and lavender for hockey fights cancer. 

Nov 21

80s Night – Preds Earbuds

Tonight’s special package giveaway is Predators earbuds.  You may want to check in with the team to see what type of earbuds these are depending on the type of phone you have.  If you have an iPhone they might not have the right adapter to work right away for you without an adapter. Either way, this is an okay little giveaway, the only downside is if the audio isn’t very good through these.  Hopefully, they will have a good supplier and the audio is good. If you end up getting a pair of these, let us know in the comments what the audio quality is like.

Nov 27

Thanksgiving Celebration – Preds Zamboni Gravy Boat

Alright, when the season starts it is always a little bit disappointing when the promotional schedule comes out and not all items have photos yet.  For the most part, it is not that hard to wait for the season to go along and then they release the photos later. For this one though, the wait is almost unbearable.  This is definitely in the running for one of the best giveaways in the league for the 19-20 season and we can not wait to get a look at this thing. This works on so many levels and we really need to give props to the promo giveaway team for putting this together.  

Having this be the day before Thanksgiving game giveaway will ensure many Nashville families will gather around the table and marvel at the wonder of the Zamboni gravy boat.  Those who could not make the game will sit in a fit of silent jealousy as the greatest Thanksgiving combo ever created is so close, but yet so far out of reach.

Make sure you get to this game early because these will be in high demand for a long time and with only 1,000 total to giveaway they will be hard to come by.

Dec 3

Throwback Night – LED Rally Towel

Throwback night is another dual giveaway night with another LED rally towel for everyone and something special for those with the package ticket.

Preds-themed Throwback T-shirt 

This T-shirt will totally depend on the design of the shirt for how successful it is.  Also, throwback night is a little vague but it’ll likely be themed with something of the Preds past, which are always good things to get.  So keep an eye out for this one once photos are released.

Dec 10

Government Employee Night – Dec. 10 – Preds Mouse Pad

The giveaway tie in for this theme night is a little bit comical but also fitting.  You won’t need to be a government employee to enjoy a Preds mouse pad, but it’ll help if you have an office job or work at a computer all day.

Jan 7

Preds Wine Tumbler for Ladies Night Out

It’s ladies’ night at the Preds game and if your ticket is part of the special package you’ll be able to take home a special wine tumbler.  These are normally pretty high quality so if you are a wine fan this is a good game to go to or something to watch for on eBay after the game.

The next two are repeats from earlier in the season so if you missed your chance then you’ll have another opportunity at these games below for a lavender beanie and the travel mug.

Feb 22

Hockey Fights Cancer: Preds Lavender Beanie

Feb 25

Healthcare Night Package: Receive a Preds Travel Mug with purchase

Feb 27

Star Wars Night: Limited-edition, Preds-themed Star Wars Poster

Limited edition posters are getting pretty popular and having this one not only be a Preds one but also a Star Wars one means it might be highly collectible.  It will depend mainly on the design, who the artist is, and how many total posters are available.

Next up is military appreciation week which will happen over the course of two home games.  Both will have a camo hat as the giveaway with a special ticket purchase. You’ll have two games where you can snag a hat.

Mar 2

Ford Military Appreciation Week

Military Appreciation Night:  Preds Camo Hat

Mar 5

Ford Military Appreciation Week

Military Appreciation Night:  Preds Camo Hat

Mar 19


19-20 Nashville Predators Giveaway to all fans: Rally Towel

Another dual giveaway night, this time with the Avalanche in town. All fans will get a rally towel.

Preds Tote Bag with purchase of Educators Appreciation Night Package

If you have a special ticket package you’ll also get a Preds tote bag which is a repeat from earlier in the season as well.

Mar 21

19-20 Nashville Predators Giveaway to all fans: Rally Towel

Giveaway to first 1,000 children (12 and under): GNASH pillow

Another dual giveaway night, this time with the Avalanche in town. All fans will get a rally towel.

These mascot parties can be really fun for younger fans and those that really love the mascots.  This one will also get your access to a promo item with a package ticket. All fans 12 and under will get a special edition Gnash pillow.  That’s a pretty cool giveaway and there will also probably be some older Gnash fans that will be wanting to find a pillow for themselves.

Mar 24

Guys Night Out – Preds Dress Socks 

Giveaway to first 1,000 children (12 and under): GNASH pillow

Just like ladies night the Preds also host a guys night out this season.  With a special ticket, you’ll also be getting a pair of Predators dress socks.  This is a great giveaway for those that like to dress up or for anyone who needs to dress up regularly and still want to show your Preds pride.

Mar 26

19-20 Nashville Predators giveaway Social Media Night – Preds Pop Socket 

A pop socket is a pop socket, nothing super innovative with this one but if you enjoy them then a Preds pop socket is a good giveaway.

Apr 4

Fan Appreciation Night – All fans: LED fan

Lastly, on fan appreciation night all fans will get an LED fan.  The Predators are really into LED items this season and it will be neat to collect the bracelet, towel, and fan for a full set.  

Overall, the 19-20 Nashville Predators giveaway items have some great promotional schedule items this 19-20 season and every fan should be excited for at least one thing or two from the list above. To see more check out