The 19-20 Philadelphia Flyers giveaway promotions are really great this year.  They also are doing a fantastic job with promoting the giveaways as well with themed QVC style videos showcasing what the items are.  They are really pretty a lot of effort into the giveaways this and it shows in the items themselves and how they are promoting it.

Let’s take a look at what is available for the 19-20 Flyers promotional giveaways.

Oct. 9


First up is a spin on the magnet schedule giveaway.  This time it’s a T-shirt schedule giveaway which is a pretty neat update to the season schedule tradition.  Right now the design of the shirt is a mystery but it is featured in the first of many QVC style promo videos for it.

Oct. 19


Next is a Flyers beer stein.  These are a decent size and if you are a fan of the design it will be a great addition to your collection. Check it out in this video.

Nov. 5


In November you get a chance to get what is a contender for one of the best promos of the season in the league. Gritty has entered the heart and soul of all Flyers fans and now you can let him in your home and spruce it up a bit with a Gritty chia pet.  Watch as his beard grows and takes over whatever room you have it displayed in. Check it out on the video.

Nov. 13


Here is a great spin on a team scarf giveaway.  You’ll really like getting this one especially with Couturier is one of your favorite players.  As you can see in the promo video, the scarf has the player nameplate on the part of the scarf that would go around your neck and the two sides that would be in the front split the Flyers logo.  So it is very similar to one of the on-ice sweaters that the players wear. If Couturier is not one of your favorite players this might not be the best scarf for you, but for those who he then this is a great Flyers promotional giveaway for you.

Nov. 23

Kid’s Day | Kids Name & Number Long-Sleeve T-shirt Giveaway

Next up is a giveaway just for those that are age 12 or younger.  There is not a video for this one or images released. It’s not clear what exactly the name and number will mean for the long sleeve T-shirt but we will update once more information is available.  Whatever the details on the shirt giveaways like this are great for younger fans to help them feel a connection to the team they love.

Dec. 19


December brings a Flyers winter hat giveaway.  No images or videos on this one as well, but it’s a safe bet that this will be a warm and cozy beanie type hat.  How in demand this item will be will depend on the overall design. For the most part, all teams do pretty well with these so our fingers are crossed that it is a good one.

Feb. 1


The last big giveaway of the 19-20 Flyers season is in the running for one of the best in the league.  This Gritty window cling is a plush Gritty doll with suction cups on the hands and feet so you can stick them to any window either at home or in the car.  They are very reminiscent of the popular plush Garfield clings from back in the day. You can get a look at the plush window cling on the promo video. This item will be sought after by many so make sure you arrive early to get your hands on one.  

Mar. 5

Flyers Fan Appreciation Night

There aren’t very many details on the fan appreciation game yet, but these games are always great to go to because they are full of good deals, discounts, contests, and giveaways.  

Overall the 19-20 Philadelphia Flyers giveaway items are a great line up this season with some real standouts for the whole league.  It’s very neat to see a team embrace fan promos like this with such an effort. The videos are fun to watch and the items will be keepsakes many fans will be after for years to come.  For more info check out –