19-20 San Jose Sharks Promotional Giveaway Schedule

Sharks fans have a lot to be excited about with the 2019-2020 season. After a contentious playoff run, the team is ready to start fresh. With a new season comes new promotional giveaways. The Sharks have gone all out this year with tons of unique and useful items. Even the casual fan will want to get their hands on some of these items. The San Jose Sharks hooked up with local artists to develop the 2019-20 Artist Collection. Many of their designs are created by local artists and include shirseys, hats, and t-shirts. Check out all the awesome Sharks swag below:

Oct 4

October 4 - Magnet Schedule and Clear Bag Giveaway - San Jose Sharks

Magnet Schedule and Clear Bag Giveaway

The first home game of the season hooks fans up with a magnet schedule to follow the Sharks all season long. In addition, fans will also receive a clear bag with a Shark on it. The SAP Center has instituted a clear bag policy, so everyone will need to modify their bags and purses a bit in order to fit the new policy. This giveaway prepares Sharks fan for the new policy.

Oct 19

October 19 - Los Tiburones Shirsey Giveaway | San Jose Sharks

Los Tiburones Shirsey Giveaway

The Sharks have taken the shirsey to a whole new level with their giveaways. Hispanic Heritage night will offer the Los Tiburónes Shirsey. The design is developed by local artist Abel Gonzalez and is a reimagining of the Sharks logo.

Nov 1

November 1 - Los Tiburones Hat Pack | San Jose Sharks

Los Tiburones Hat Pack

If you miss out on the shirsey, but love Abel Gonzalez’s design, you have another chance with the Los Tiburónes hat. The shark logo is featured on the front and the unique shark fin design is under the bill.

Nov 2

November 2 - Hockey Fights Cancer Night | San Jose Sharks

Hockey Fights Cancer Night

The Sharks have not announced a giveaway for Hockey Fights Cancer Night, but they typically have done something from special jerseys to hats. Stay tuned for updates as more information is released.

Nov 9

November 9 - Burns Camo Backpack Pack | San Jose Sharks

Burns Camo Backpack Pack

Sharks favorite Brent Burns is well known for his game-day camo bag. You can sport this backpack that was inspired by Burns’ bag on Military Appreciation Night.

Nov 16

November 16 - Shark Freak Shirsey Giveaway | San Jose Sharks

Shark Freak Shirsey Giveaway

The second artist collection shirsey was developed by a skateboard artist named Jimbo Phillips. Once again, it is a reimagining of the Sharks logo with Phillips’ unique design.

Nov 27

November 27 - Shark Freak Hat Pack | San Jose Sharks

Shark Freak Hat Pack

Phillips’ design is also featured as a hat in the next giveaway. Each element of the shirsey is included on the hat design from the dripping teal under the bill to the San Jose lettering on the side.

Dec 12

December 12 - Labanc with Bahamian Pig Bobblehead Pack | San Jose Sharks

Labanc with Bahamian Pig Bobblehead Pack

While on vacation in the Bahamas, Kevin Labanc took a picture that instantly became a hit. He is holding a small pig while hanging out at the beach. The Sharks are immortalizing this special moment by creating the Labanc with Bahamian Pig Bobblehead. The design of the bobblehead itself hasn’t been released, but we will post updates as they come. For now, we just have the photo that inspired it all.

Dec 14

December 14 - Star Wars T-Shirt Giveaway | San Jose Sharks

Star Wars T-Shirt Giveaway

Star Wars and Sharks fans will love the added touch with this t-shirt giveaway for Star Wars Night. Fans will side with the Rebellion or the Dark Side of the Force with one of two shirt designs. The Rebellion has its logo on a teal shirt, while the Dark Side has its symbol on a black shirt.

Jan 9

January 9 - Finn and Vlasic Bobblehead Pack | San Jose Sharks

Finn and Vlasic Bobblehead Pack

The lovable team dog Finn is getting in on the bobblehead action with Marc-Edouard Vlasic. The design for the bobblehead has not been released yet, but we can at least feel excited about a Finn and Vlasic partnership. We will update this post with photos as soon as possible.

Jan 11

January 11 - Open Water Shirsey Giveaway | San Jose Sharks

Open Water Shirsey Giveaway

The next shirsey of the artist collection comes from Jeff McMillan. It has a slightly different take on the Sharks logo by including some background elements. The shark is swimming along with the hockey stick in its mouth, but we can see the water behind him.

Jan 27

January 27 - Open Water Hat Pack | San Jose Sharks

Open Water Hat Pack

As the Sharks take on the Ducks, you can snag a hat featuring the McMillan open water design. The underside of the bill shows off the background of the shark. In the photos, we can see this design more clearly. It appears to be a depiction of Santa Cruz, a beach city known for its beachside entertainment and beautiful landscape.

Feb 1

February 1 - Graffiti Shark Shirsey Giveaway | San Jose Sharks

Graffiti Shark Shirsey Giveaway

Graffiti style artwork is used in this design by Bay Area artist Girl Mobb. On the surface, it matches the Sharks logo but does not include the hockey stick. It is a unique design, especially with the waves and colors around the sleeves.

Feb 10

February 10 - Graffiti Shark Hat Pack | San Jose Sharks


The graffiti shark hat is gray with the shark logo, but the underside of the bill is like a snapshot from a secluded beach. It shows two palm trees on the same with water nearby.

Feb 29

February 29 - Evander Kane Bobblehead Giveaway | San Jose Sharks

Evander Kane Bobblehead Giveaway

The Sharks are not holding back when it comes to bobbleheads. Evander Kane is depicted for this giveaway. There are no design photos yet, but we will update once they are released.

Mar 5

March 5 - Sharks Broadcasters Bobblehead Pack | San Jose Sharks

Sharks Broadcasters Bobblehead Pack

The often overlooked piece of the Sharks organization includes the Sharks Broadcasters. You can make sure they are included in your Sharks collection with their bobblehead. To get this item, you must purchase a ticket pack that includes a game ticket and the bobblehead.

Mar 19

March 19 - Stealth Leaping Shark Sculpture Pack | San Jose Sharks

Stealth Leaping Shark Sculpture Pack

The Sharks have the potential to create some truly amazing sculptures and figures for their organization. One of the coolest sculptures is the Stealth Leaping Shark statue. The base is in the shape of a SJ and shows a shark leaping up and over. This would make a  great addition to anyone’s living room. 

Mar 21

March 21 - Shark Uprising Shirsey Giveaway | San Jose Sharks

Shark Uprising Shirsey Giveaway

Get inspired with this Sharks shirsey and rise up against adversity. Artist Tristan Eaton created this design that put all of the focus on the shark itself. The background is simple triangles layered together as if to support the shark.

Apr 2

April 2 - Shark Uprising Hat Pack | San Jose Sharks

19-20 San Jose Sharks giveaway Shark Uprising Hat Pack

Just like others in the Artist Collection, the design for the shirsey is used for a hat promotion. This time, the underside of the bill is an explosion of color. There a small nods to the surrounding areas of San Jose including the US 101 sign.

Apr 4

April 4 - Hertl Celebration Bobblehead Giveaway | San Jose Sharks

Hertl Celebration Bobblehead Giveaway

Fan-favorite Tom Hertly is being immortalized in a bobblehead. Whenever he scores, he has a signature celebration that comes right after. Although the look of the bobblehead is unknown, we at least know that he will be in his celebration position.

Without a doubt, the 19-20 San Jose Sharks giveaway items are going to make this season one to remember for the fans. The unique designs and partnerships for each giveaway show that they put an effort into making sure fans know that they are the core of the organization. Mark your calendars for the items you can’t miss.