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If you went Blues last year, you will surely be excited about at least one of the giveaways being offered by the defending Stanley Cup Champions in the 2019-2020 season. The St. Louis Blues have tons of 19-20 St Louis Blues Giveaway items lined up for the upcoming season. While some are pretty generic, there are a few standouts. Plus there’s plenty of ways to commemorate the 2019 Stanley Cup win. 

Oct 2

19-20 St Louis Blues calendar giveaway

OPENING NIGHT – 2019-20 Blues Calendar Giveaway

If you happen to catch the first home game of the season, you will get hooked up with the 2019-2020 Blues calendar to honor the team all year round. These are always great to have all season either at home or at work to show your Blues pride. In addition, the Stanley Cup banner will be raised in the arena. Celebrate last season’s victory then get set for this season. You can get one for yourself here.

Oct 5

19-20 st louis blues stanley cup banner replica

Stanley Cup Replica Banner – first 12,000 fans

Get to the Enterprise Center early for the Stanley Cup replica banner. The banner will be hanging up in the arena already, but you can take a replica home to hang in your bedroom or office. Blues fans waited long enough to see their team raise the banner. Have your own banner ceremony at home to celebrate or take it on the go to annoy any Hawks fans you may know.

UPDATE: The banner design has been released and it has been raised to the rafters. It’s a really nice looking champion banner. If you already have the retired number banners that the Blues gave out for Bernie Federko, Brett Hull, and Al Macinnis then grabbing one of these is a no brainer to complete your banner set. If you don’t have those and want to start a banner collection or just want to decorate with one then this is a great pick up. You can get one for yourself here.

Oct 17

19-20 St Louis Blues magnet schedule

19-20 St Louis Blues Giveaway Magnet Schedule

Magnet schedules are great because you can see all the game days at a quick glance from your fridge or metal cabinet. This year’s magnet will feature the Stanley Cup in the background. Faintly, you can see some of the engravings on the cup as the main background. It’s basic and straightforward, but a nice way to bring out the Blues on your refrigerator. 

Nov 30

19-20 St Louis Blues Giveaway Team Poster

Every fan in attendance will receive a team poster for this game against the Penguins. There are not any photos or information about the size as of yet but check back for updates once more information is released.  Once the season is up and going and the roster is finalized this one should be updated with more information.

Dec 16

19-20 St Louis Blues stanley cup replica giveaway

St Louis Blues Stanley Cup Replica Giveaway – (first 12,000 fans)

Another fun Stanley Cup giveaway is a 7-inch replica of the Cup with the Stanley Cup Champions logo on the front. You definitely need to show up early for this as people will line up to make sure they can get one. This one is probably going to be the most sought after giveaway this year as the fans have waited over 50 years to call the cup their own.  

Jan 11

St Louis Blues 2019-20 Yearbook – (first 12,000 fans)

In January of 2020, you can be one of 12,000 people to get a yearbook to commemorate the 2019-2020 season with the defending champions. This is a recurring yearly giveaway and they make for great keepsakes of memorable years from this team for any fan.

Jan 15

19-20 St Louis Blues all star game tumbler giveaway

NHL All-Star Tumbler – (first 12,000 fans)

As the All-Star game makes its way to St. Louis this season, 12,000 lucky fans will get a 2020 NHL All-Star Game tumbler. One side is the iconic Blue Note while the other is the symbol for the All-Star Game. The design for this year’s symbol has had some mixed reviews. At the very least, the tumbler by Pepsi looks smooth and has a nice blue color to it. 

Feb 6

19-20 St Louis Blues winter beanie giveaway

St Louis Blues Winter Beanie Giveaway – (first 12,000 fans)

I really love the design of this beanie. It sort of emulates the designs of a Blues home jersey with the iconic blue and single white and yellow stripes. The Blue Note can rest comfortably in whatever position you choose to show off your love for the team. It looks to made of decent material too so this could be something you end up using throughout the winter for years to come.  Some beanie giveaways are of low quality and won’t last long. From the images released as of now, this looks like effort was put in the production of these, which is nice.

Feb 20

19-20 St Louis Blues fleece vest giveaway

St Louis Blues Fleece Vest – (first 12,000 fans)

If you are someone who likes a good fleece vest, this might be the game for you. The design is simple: blue color with a small Blue Note emblem. With the vest sponsored by FOX Sports Midwest, odds are Blues fans will see their favorite commentators rocking this vest during the game. Holy Jumpin!

Theme Nights That Also Have Giveaways

Theme nights differ from promotional giveaways because you need a special ticket in order to get the items. There is no rush for you to pick up your item, but you must go to the pickup area on the Mezzanine Level. You have from the time doors open to the end of the first intermission to get your swag. Here’s a rundown of the special theme night giveaways

Nov 1

19-20 St Louis Blues hockey fights cancer beanies giveaway night

St Louis Blues Hockey Fights Cancer – Beanie

Hockey Fights Cancer is recognized by every NHL team and each team might do something different. For the Blues, you will receive a custom-logo beanie that features the Blue note in a color to honor the type of cancer you want to recognize. Additionally, $5 of each ticket will put donated to the Siteman Cancer Center.

Nov 16

19-20 St Louis Blues ladies night hat giveaway promotion

Ladies Night Out – St Louis Blues Hat

“Ladies, leave your man at home” and grab this ticket and get a cool and sparkly St. Louis Blues hat. This event only has a VIP package option that comes with a pregame party. Snack on nachos or pulled pork quesadillas while enjoying beer, wine, or soda. 

Nov 21

19-20 St Louis Blues Teacher appreciation tote bag giveaway promotion

Teacher Appreciation Night – St Louis Blues Tote Bag

Tote bags are handy for teachers at any grade level. You can carry around your papers to grade or use them as craft supply storage bags in your classroom. The design has yet to be released, but we will update as soon as it is announced. Whatever the design, this is a great gift for any Blues loving educator you may know.

UPDATE: The design of the tote has been released and it looks great! It’s nice to see some effort put into a tote design. With the zipper addition, this makes it a great bag to use for a variety of things like picnics, supplies to keep in your car, and a whole lot more. It’ll be great for not just educators but any Blues fan.

Dec 12

19-20 St Louis Blues barking for the blues barclay bobblehead giveaway promotion

Barkin’ for the Blues – Barclay Bobblehead

Last year, the Blues adopted Barclay as the team dog. For the Barkin’ for the Blues event, service dogs are there to demonstrate their skills. Local animal shelters also bring in dogs in need of homes in hopes of pairing them up with families. Special event tickets will get you a Barclay bobblehead.

UPDATE: The design for the Bobblehead has been released. They were pretty smart to include the Stanley Cup next to Barclay. This will ensure even those that don’t follow Barclay will want this bobblehead as everything cup related is in hot demand.

Dec 18

19-20 St Louis Blues love your melon beanie giveaway promotion

Love Your Melon – St Louis Blues Beanie

The Blues are well known for helping out children battling cancer and other terminal illnesses. They continue to show their support by donating proceeds for this special event to the Love Your Melon program. This program gives hats to children with cancer all over the country. The stylish gray and white beanie has a logo feature the Love Your Melon design and a Blue Note.

Jan 9

19-20 St Louis Blues star wars night t shirt giveaway promotion

Star Wars Night – T-Shirt

Star Wars Nights have become more popular over the last few years and also make for a great hockey game. At some point, the lights will go dark and you will hear that iconic Star Wars theme. Special tickets will include a t-shirt. Photos will be posted as soon as the Blues release more information.

UPDATE: The shirt design has been released and surprisingly it is really neat. The font for the St. Louis Blues is different from other shirts out there and the inclusion of a Millennium Falcon hockey puck is a great way to try the two properties together. This is a must for any Star Wars loving Blues fan.

Feb 4

19-20 St Louis Blues soccer night soccer ball giveaway promotion

Soccer Night – St Louis Blues Soccer Ball

Soccer fans can rejoice with this special event ticket that combines soccer and the Blues. Each special event ticket will come with a size 5 Blues themed soccer ball. With a brand new MLS team coming to the city this is great timing on the Blues with this promo.  St. Louis is a close town and it’ll be nice to see how the Blues will incorporate city pride with the new MLS team like they do with the Cardinals.

Feb 18

19-20 St Louis Blues 105.7 the point t shirt from rizzuto night giveaway promotion

Rizzuto Night – T-Shirt

St. Louis radio has always been a huge supporter of the Blues. Many stations put their celebration song “Gloria” by Laura Branigan on heavy rotation. 105.7 The Point combines the Blues with the Rizzuto Show with a nice look half sleeve t-shirt. 

Feb 27

19-20 St Louis Blues fanny pack giveaway promotion

’90s Night – Fanny Pack

Celebrate the 90’s with this special event ticket for 90’s Night. The fanny pack is truly the best way to call out to the 90’s. Details of the fanny pack have not been released, but the photos will be added as soon as it is released. Hopefully, it will have a design that emulates or compliments the new 90’s era heritage jerseys. Props to the Blues for this 90’s commercial that perfectly captures what it felt like being cup crazy for the Blues back then.

UPDATE: Yep, they went all-in on the 90’s theme and put the trumpet logo on the fanny pack. Whatever your thoughts are on the Blues 90’s jerseys we can all agree the Trumpet logo was and is still a great alternative for this team.

Mar 10

Pink at the Rink

Support cancer research again with the Pink at the Rink special event. $5 of every ticket goes to the Siteman Cancer Center. Plus, ticket holders will receive a Pink at the Rink item. The item hasn’t been announced yet and we will update as soon as more information is out there. 

Mar 15

First Responders Night

Fire, police, and EMT are all recognized for their service and contributions to the local St. Louis and surrounding communities they serve. Each ticket will come with a special First Responder item that has not been announced yet. Check back for more information soon.

Mar 31

19-20 St Louis Blues Tarasenko Cardinals bobblehead giveaway promotion

Cardinals Night – Tarasenko Bobblehead

St. Louis fans can honor their Blues and their Cardinals for Cardinals night. Each special ticket will get an exclusive Tarasenko Cardinals bobblehead. Tarasenko is sporting a St. Louis Cardinals designed hockey uniform. His bright smile includes the hockey badge of honor: his missing tooth. 

There are lots of 19-20 St Louis Blues Giveaway items to be had with the St. Louis Blues this year. With such a variety of giveaways, everyone can behind at least one or two items. The best items seem to come from the special event nights so we are expecting a higher quality. One nice touch is that all of the Stanley Cup Champions giveaways are apart of the promotional days and do not require special tickets. That means any Blues fans can snag a Stanley Cup item, as long as they are apart of the first 12,000 fans of course. 

You can see more about these 19-20 St Louis Blues Giveaway items on the Blues site at and