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The Washington Capitals want to make sure that their promotional giveaways are meaningful. While some teams have over a dozen giveaways, Caps fans should mark their calendars since they only have five games where there is a 19-20 Washington Capitals Giveaway. Although the Caps are only offering a handful of giveaways, they ensure that everyone goes home with that item. Every giveaway is an all-fan event, so no one will go home empty-handed.  

OCT. 5


Kickoff the start of hockey season with a schedule magnet for the Washington Capitals. These giveaways are always nice way to begin. Put the magnet of your refrigerator so you can quickly view when the gamedays are and plan your schedule accordingly. The Capitals go all out with opening night by hosting the Rock The Red Carpet. Fans are invited to hang out outside before the game and greet the team as they walk into Capital One Arena. Once inside, they will receive the 2019-2020 Capitals Schedule Magnet. 

Nov. 27

#CapsGiving Potential Giveaway

Some people celebrate Thanksgiving and go all out. Capitals fans like to start their holiday with #Capsgiving. This event has been quite popular over the years. From gravy boat giveaways or curling with frozen turkeys, it is definitely a different and fun way to celebrate Thanksgiving with the Capitals. For this year, not much information as been released just yet. In the past, there have been Thanksgiving food and drink specials and pie-eating contests. We do know that Slapshot will be donning his Thanksgiving Pilgrim outfit and there will be lots of fun in-game activations. 

Jan. 29


Bounce back from the 2020 All-Star Game with a winter scarf. Scarves can be a little hit and miss as giveaways. Sometimes the design is lacking, other times it is the quality. The Capitals scarf itself looks sleek, and it will compliment any Capitals gear you might already have. One nice touch is the All Caps nod at the bottom that breaks up the stripes at the ends. 

Feb. 4


Seems like just about every team for every sport will do a tote bag giveaway at some point. They’re great because most people could use one to carry groceries, take items to and from work, or they need a tote bag to store all of their tote bags. Some people will definitely feel underwhelmed by yet another tote. Sometimes there is a real effort put into the design of the tote bag. You can support the Capitals while doing everyday tasks, or gift it to your Capitals loving friends and family. We will update with photos as soon as they are released.

Mar. 24


Whether or not you collect bobbleheads, they are always a fun giveaway. You can have a little nod to your favorite team on your desk at work. Or you can proudly display it on your fireplace mantle. Sometimes they are themed to the event for the night, or with the specific player. Not much information is out there yet for this 2020 bobblehead except that it will be one-of-a-kind. When details are released, check back for more information.

Apr. 2


The Capitals will begin the season by hooking fans up with a schedule to follow along for the season and conclude with a fan appreciation event. Every fan will go home with a team poster, but there will be opportunities for prices to be won throughout the game. After what will surely be a fun game against the Minnesota Wild, the night will end with the Jerseys Off Our Backs Ceremony. Select fans will be presented with a jersey right off a player’s back on the ice. An awesome way to end the regular season and hopefully, for Caps fans, kickoff playoffs. Fan appreciation nights are always my favorite promotions because it is all about appreciating the sport. The Capitals make it memorable with lots of fun prizes to be won.

Although their giveaways are few, the Capitals want every fan to go home with something when they do their giveaways. You will not need to worry about getting to the arena early to make sure you don’t miss it. Giveaways do tend to have events to match, so you will definitely have a great time at the arena. To see more info about the 19-20 Washington Capitals Giveaway promotional schedule click here –