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The 19-20 Anaheim Ducks giveaway promotional items this year are pretty solid. With 21 game days with either, a full giveaway or theme night most home games will have something extra going on for the Ducks fans.

The Ducks stadium giveaways this year have a couple stand out items that could be in the running for best NHL giveaway of the 19-20 season. They’ve even put together a really creative video highlighting some of the promotional items.

19-20 Anaheim Ducks giveaway Items

Oct. 3

19-20 anaheim ducks magnet schedule giveaway


First up this season is the magnet schedule on opening night.  These are pretty basic in terms of a stadium giveaway but they have been a tradition all over the league for years and years.  Many fans do enjoy swapping out the fridge magnet schedule to kick off the season. Get one for yourself here.

Photo from @AnaheimDucks

Oct. 20

image of the ducks 19-20 john gibson bobble legs promotional arena giveaway premium


Next up is the John Gibson Bobble Legs statue. A very interesting and fun take on a bobblehead that is a great fit for a goalie. Instead of the head being on a bobble the legs with sway and bobble back and forth mimicking pad saves. This a unique addition to any Ducks collection and for any Gibson fan.

Photo from Anaheim Ducks

Nov. 1

image of the anaheim ducks 19-20 wild wing troll doll giveaway for dia de los muertos promotional night


Mascots always make for great giveaway items and Wild Wing is one of the better NHL mascots. This statue of Wild Wing as a troll doll as well as a Dia De Los Muertos item is a great match up that is one of the better Ducks giveaway items this year. The detail in Wild Wing’s mask to have the skeleton elements of Dia De Los Muertos fits well with overall all retro troll doll design with long wild hair. They could have easily made this of much lower quality but the addition of the hockey stick in a holding position along with the mask makes this a real standout that will be a focus of your collection for years.

Photo from Anaheim Ducks

Nov. 10

image of the 19-20 Anaheim ducks camo hat giveaway item for military appreciation promo night


Camo hats have become somewhat common through the league over the last couple years but this year’s Ducks Camo Hat takes the design to the next level and makes for a pretty sharp hat.  The camo design is limited to the bill and you have the Ducks logo on a black hat above. It’s a subtle design that at a glance seems like a regular basic Ducks hat, but you’ll have something pretty unique that showcases your support of both the Ducks and the troops. 

Photo from Anaheim Ducks

Nov. 29

hockey stick and puck on ice rink


Upper Deck is the main provider of hockey cards right now, and they do give out basic packs around the league at some locations and this night is just that.  For card collectors looking for valuable rookies and/or autograph and jersey cards you’ll most likely be disappointed with your free pack. However, this promo is really for the younger fans to collect and trade their favorite players. 

Dec. 14

image coming soon


There’s an ugly holiday sweater for pretty much everything now, and at this game, you’ll be able to take your ugly holiday wardrobe up a notch with a Ducks ugly holiday beanie. Right now, there are not any images of the beanie that have been released but we will update once those are released with a preview and review of the beanie.

March 1

image coming soon


Like the camo hat from earlier in the season, the Ducks are really putting in the effort for some nice hat giveaways this year. The corduroy hat doesn’t have an image up on the Ducks website just yet, but you can catch a glimpse of it in the promo video during the lawyer commercial section. It’s a really sharp looking hat and any hat wearing Ducks fan will be happy to have it.

March 18

image coming soon


While there currently are not any photos of the reusable straws up, this should be a pretty fun night where the Ducks showcase how to go green.  And while the straws may not be as exciting a new bobblehead, they are useful and something you can make use of every day so it’s a great giveaway.

March 20

image of the 19-20 anaheim ducks hampus lindgnome promotional giveaway statue.


Here is the last major promo giveaway of the season. The Hampus LindGNOME is not only a great pun, but a really neat statue and collectible that every Ducks fan will love. MLB has been doing gnomes for years and now and it’s nice to see the NHL doing this as well. Hopefully, these will be a success with fans and more will be made in the series.

Photo from Anaheim Ducks

April 1

Ducks fans on fan appreciation night at the honda center


Fan appreciation nights are always great games to attend. There are plenty of games, contests, and deals on lots of things in and around the arena. In this case, you’ll get a scratch-off ticket where you can win a variety of prizes.

19-20 Anaheim Ducks giveaway Theme Nights

There are a variety of theme nights the Ducks have planned for the 19-20 season from Star Wars, Angels, country night and more. Theme nights are typically a separate ticket or add on that gives you access to an event, special seating, or a premium giveaway.

We’ll update as more details become available about these if there are any more special 19-20 Anaheim Ducks giveaway nights or promos.

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